What's the difference between Yoga and Pilates?

Both disciplines offer a path to strength, flexibility and graceful body. Pilates is often described as a body/mind/spirit discipline and Yoga is with spiritual practice, or of being a spiritual path into itself. Pilates and Yoga can both provide stress reduction and increased well-being and also be used in a rehabilitation program. So how do you choose the correct discipline for you?


By practicing regular Yoga, you can gain stamina and flexibility, improve your concentration, leading to a calm outlook. It's quite common to see outdoor athletes practice yoga due to its benefits on stretching opposing muscle groups and developing strength through weight-bearing postures. A good thing is that once you learned the basics, you can commence more advanced postures. Some advanced style of Yoga (Vinyasa and Ashtanga) is focusing on fluid movement and therefore are suitable for climbers and surfers, as these sports require strength, great body awareness, and maximum flexibility. 


Pilates emphasises much more the balance-boosting core muscles of the back and abdomen. Pilates can effectively correct the strength imbalances that some athletes develop. This discipline is suitable for the ballet community, skiers, and trail runners who need to build strength without bulk. Furthermore, Pilates is beneficial for pregnant women, post pregnancy or someone recovering from injury or looking to tone their body.

If you have never done either of these two disciplines, you might start with Pilates that will teach you how to build core strength and stabilise your muscle groups. Then, you can commence Yoga that enables you to use your strong stamina, creating calm and focus.

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