How do you exercise your pelvic floor muscles?

Many of us, especially if we’re heading for middle age or have had children, have experienced a slight loss of bladder control - especially when laughing hard at a good joke or sneezing suddenly. Exercise can have a real impact on your pelvic floor, therefore, it is very important to safely practice pelvic floor exercises to avoid any possible bowel or bladder problems.

Who is more inclined to have some problems with their pelvic floor?

  • Women going through menopause.
  • Women who had a baby or are currently pregnant.
  • Women who had a gynecological surgery.
  • Men who have never exercised or have had prostate surgery.
  • Elite athletes such as runners, triathletes or gymnasts. 

Where is my pelvic floor (centre of gravity)?

The body’s centre of gravity is located approximately in front of the second sacral vertebrae (lower abdomen). The pelvis supports the significant weight of the upper body and therefore, it must be strong to perform basic functions such as walking. These muscles are very important as they protect our pelvic organs. In addition, an active pelvic floor is important for correct posture, allowing elongation of the spine and enabling our shoulders, neck and head to relax.

Pilates basics - getting the technique right

It is crucial when doing your pelvic floor exercises that you do them correctly. The pelvic floor muscles attach to the pubic bone in front and run underneath the body like a muscular trampoline, inserting into the tailbone and stretching from the sit bones.

If your pelvic floor isn’t strong enough to quickly lift and hold to counter this internal pressure during exercise, then pelvic organ prolapse, or misalignment can occur.

How can you engage your pelvic floor muscles?

  1. Stopping your bladder flow midway. This is not the actual exercise and it’s a way helping you to identify your pelvic floor muscles.
  2. Scooping abdominals – draw the navel in and up toward the back of the waist. Imagine that you’re trying to squeeze into very tight pants.

The pelvic floor muscles are like any other muscle in the body. If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. Call Active Pilates, Geraldton on 0415 128 804 or send us an email to book your pelvic floor exercise appointment.