When should I notice changes from my Pilates practice?

Quite often, I’m asked this question by my beginner clients and the best possible answer I can provide them with is a popular quote by founder Joseph Pilates:

“In 10 sessions, you will feel the difference. In 20, you will see the difference. And in 30, you’ll be on your way to having a whole new body.”

My personal experience is very similar to this statement and it really depends on how much you are committed to re-educating your body to move differently. This might not be as easy as it sounds as we’ve developed certain movement patterns through our lives.

Many of my clients are frustrated that their core isn’t strong enough when they commence a class. Their current level of strength is not allowing them to do some challenging exercises as fast as they’d like. The reality is you’ll need to allow some time for your core to start working correctly. It usually takes between five to ten weeks to understand how we need to use it. It’s also important to practice new movements outside of your Pilates class, as one practice per week isn’t enough to make lasting changes. The good news is that with a stronger core comes a bigger range of motion as the powerhouse (core) can now better support your body in rotation, extension, flexion or weight bearing.

It’s very important to do ongoing body conditioning in order to progress to the next level –doing more challenging exercises that require mind and body integration, along with the ability to use some muscles as key movers and some as stabilisers only.

Two months after commencing your Pilates practice, you’ll most likely feel that your body will want to do more stretching and lengthening, as it will give you’re a sense of freedom. I can promise that your friends, colleagues and family will start making positive remarks about your vitality and physical appearance.

At the end of the week 20, you’ll most likely notice that you don’t have to think about your core as much as you did at the beginning. Your body will be able to recall what it needs to do for certain exercises.

“And in 30, you’ll on your way to having a whole new body”… How accurately this applies to you really depends on your age, work, lifestyle, body awareness and your commitment to change. When I started Pilates, my main drive was to maintain a flexible and healthy body for when I’m much older as I still want to be able to do things that I enjoy doing now.

Are you ready to challenge your body and mind?

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