5 tips to stop the back pain

Quite often I hear about back pain – sometimes people mention it during a class or some people may experience back pain while they are doing their usual daily routines (work, travel, housework etc.).

Why do you experience back pain?

The most common reasons are tension or spasm, inflammation or injury. It can also relate to arthritis, osteoporosis, sciatica and stress. Did you know that the most likely back pain actually comes from the muscles, ligaments and joints? The good news is you can certainly prevent this issue from re-occurring. How?


From my own experience, the best back pain relief is a combination of a few different treatments:

  • A good massage
  • A hot bath or heat pack (place on the affected area)
  • Exercise (regularly and not only when the back pain is present).

This approach more often than not will address the problem, however, if your back pain relates to arthritis or osteoporosis, you might need to take medication (pain relief or anti-inflammatories). The best way to find out what is causing your back pain is to visit your local Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist. If required, they will recommend some exercises to relieve the pain.  

My top 5 tips on how you can prevent back pain are:

  1. Regular exercise that is appropriate for your body and fitness level
  2. Maintain your body weight
  3. Avoid sitting for extended periods
  4. Correct posture
  5. A Stress-free life (sometimes easier said than done!)

What about if you experience back pain during exercise? In this instance, you need to discuss this matter with your Personal Trainers or Fitness Instructor who should be able to assess your strength and range of movement. Then, they should prepare for you an individual program including stretching and muscle strengthening to help stabilise and support your back.

REMEMBER – your back pain can affect your overall wellbeing and it’s crucial to act promptly and prevent it from getting any worse. 

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