Six reasons why you need a Weekend Retreat

You deserve to take a little time to yourself.

In our busy, modern lifestyles, we tend to rush through the week, packing in our daily schedules. Balancing family time, work, workouts and our well-being is a challenge, and now may be the perfect time to rest and replenish.

Finding a moment to de-stress and unwind is the secret to nourishing your soul and living a fuller, happier, more energised life. One of the best ways to find your peace, even in the fast pace, is through a weekend retreat.

Often featuring inspirational health and wellness leaders, a little bit of movement, delicious food and lots of rest time, retreats offer a unique experience for us to slow down, learn better tools to reinforcing our health, and they're always full of fun.

Not convinced you have the time?

We've put together six reasons why you need to get yourself to a weekend retreat:

1. You'll be surrounded by like-minded people
Surround yourself with other people who are also looking for a little break. Whether it's to find work-life balance, learn more about different health practices, healthy recipe ideas or just to spend a weekend in peace, you're guaranteed to meet people who are also there to relax, and you may even make a new, unexpected friend.

2. Women love stories; not only telling them but listening to them too
Retreats are an amazing way to connect with people. There is something special about women coming together, sharing their stories - and everyone has their own story to tell. As women, we love connecting, a practice which dates back centuries and across many different cultures. Retreat are the perfect opportunity to stop, and take the time to hear someone else's story, while reflecting on yours.

Photo by LittleBee80/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by LittleBee80/iStock / Getty Images

3. Take a break and connect with your inner-self
Don't forget to breath. It's something so fundamental, but in the stress of life we forget that sometimes all we need to relax, is a nice deep breath. Retreats give you a space to deeply relax and unwind from your normal weekly routine. Even if it's just for a couple of days, weekend retreats help offer some time and space for you to check in with yourself and make sure you are living your fullest life.

4. Reconnect with your joy
Be playful. Retreats are a non-judgmental space where you can have the freedom to explore your sense of joy in a fun, safe environment. It's easy to slip away from our child-like playfullness, but retreats are a great way to reconnect with your sense of wonder. Wake up each day, in touch with that joy and wonder of life. 

5. Revitalise your relationship with yourself, and people around you  
By taking the time to reconnect with ourselves, and fill up our cup, we can then pour into our relationships. Take the time to refresh your relationship with yourself first. Check in to see how you are feeling and what you need to feel energised, empowered and loved. This is a key benefit of attending a retreat, a space where you can check your reflection and spend time alone.

6. Enjoy "Me Time" without feeling guilty
You deserve to take time for yourself. By dedicating a weekend to just you, everyone around you will feel the positive flow-on effects. Nurture yourself with some much-needed "Me Time" and say "yes!" to re-connection, rest and vitality.

And it doesn’t need to cost the earth. We’ve sourced a fabulous two-day "Thelma & Louise" weekend retreat that’s affordable, fun and filled with health and wellness tools guaranteed to refresh you.

Featuring a weekend of movement, connection, self-expression, exploration, reflection and rejuvenation, this women's retreat will take you on a unique journey of self discovery.

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