Q: Do you handle people with disabilities including spinal bone issues and osteoarthritis?

A: I'd love to say ‘yes’ but unfortunately our group classes are designed for people with only minor health issues. We suggest that you initially do a Private class with a Physiotherapist who's also trained in Clinical Pilates. Active Pilates would be happy to refer you to a qualified practitioner in your area.

Q:  How much are your Group Pilates classes please?

A:  $20 per casual class or $180 per Ten Classes Pass. 

Q:  Would it be okay to join your Group Pilates classes if I'm recovering from minor surgery on my shoulder?

A:  Check first with your GP or Physiotherapist. It also depends on the type of surgery.

Q:  I am new to Geraldton and need to do some exercise. How do I secure my spot in Beginners classes?

A:  At the moment, we don't offer a class for Beginners. But you're very welcome to join one of our All Fitness Levels  classes on Monday or Thursday at 5:15pm. We always offer modifications to our standard workouts.  

Q:  What do I need to bring to your Pilates classes? 

A:  We have yoga/Pilates mats in our studios. Just bring some loose and comfortable cloths and socks with grips (if you have to some).

Q:  Hey there, I was just wondering how I go about booking in to your Pilates classes?

A:  Our Group classes are limited to ten people so, you need to call us on 0415 128 804 to secure your spot. 

Q:  I am currently looking for someone who can help me; I have two bulging discs in my lower lumbar region and am in constant pain. I've had these for a few years although sometimes they are worse than other times depending on how much exercise I've been doing. 
Pilates is the only exercise and yoga that I have been advised to do as it is not too good at the moment, just wondering if you have classes in Drummonds? I've been doing another class in Geraldton on Tuesdays and will continue to do them. I just want to do it three times a week with an instructor and as much as I can at home during the week. Do you do one-on-one classes? or just groups? 

A:  First of all, I'd like to do a Fitness Assessment, which would give me better idea about what you can/can't do. I also would like to ask you for a GP/ Physiotherapist clearance re mat based Pilates classes. 
In particular, I'd like to know if you can do spinal flexion/rotational exercises (these quite often are causing problems with a bulging disc). I also need to know if it's an acute condition - in this case I wouldn't be able to help you and you need to work with a Physiotherapist.

Q:  I am currently 12 weeks pregnant as was wondering if it's safe for me to start this now. Also do I need to book to be assessed before I start the classes?

A:  It depends on your lifestyle and also if you have been doing exercise prior to pregnancy. First, check with your GP and ensure that it’s OK. Likely, you can still start with Pilates now.