Thirteen years ago, Katarina tried Pilates classes when she was suffering from a knee and lower back pain brought on by triathlon races. With regular Pilates workout classes she was able to effectively eliminate the pain and improve her performance.

The positive experience with Pilates exercises led her to commence a Certificate IV Mat Instruction (Pilates teaching). 

Katarina has always been involved in sport; especially yoga, tennis, skiing, running, swimming and triathlons. During the last 18 years, she's worked in health care and retail along with publishing in both online and offline environments. Additionally, she's been involved in developing, promoting and delivering educational programs to assist General Practitioners in Australia. She's driven and committed to help other people achieve their fitness goals.

As of March 2018, Katarina will have been teaching Pilates for six and half years! This time "translates" into 1,000+ hours that she's been teaching the Pilates method. And if you add her Self-Mastery, that's another 1,000+ hours! This level of experience entitles her to "Level 1 Associate Teacher" with the Australian Pilates Method Association (APMA).

Katarina loves helping her clients strengthen their bodies and so enable them to improve their performance, increase core strength and prevent injuries and strains. Katarina's unique teaching style assures that you receive individual attention, even in a group class setting. She holds professional membership with the Pilates Alliance Australasia.

I believe that Pilates workout is a great method of body rehabilitation and strengthening. It’s a dynamic fitness routine which can improve your flexibility, balance and correct your posture.
— Katarina

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Qualification: Anatomy Dimensions: Spine and Torso (Body Organics), Pilates for Scoliosis (Polestar Pilates), Rotational Sports (Polestar Pilates), Heel the Hip (PFIWA), Anatomy Dimensions: Cueing One and Two (Body Organics), Pilates for Pregnancy (Pilates ITC), Muscular Slings (Polestar Pilates), Beyond Core Control (Polestar Pilates), Apply First Aid (Training Course Professionals), Certificate IV Mat Instruction (Polestar Pilates), Anatomy & Physiology 1A (Nature Care College), Digital Marketing Certificate (ADMA), Certificate IV in Training & Assessment (MRWED), Business Management Certificate (AIM), Bachelor of Commerce (2 years – SIBT/Macquarie University)