Kat is an amazing instructor! Gorgeous setting and friendly welcoming atmosphere! Loving my classes so much 🙏
— Sam, May 2019
Private pilates sessions are attentive and personalised. Because they are one on one, the exercises are tailored to suit the individual’s capabilities and limitations. It is a specific and considered approach whichleads to a better understanding of one’s particular requirements.

This in turn greatly enhances the group exercise experience because of the additional knowledge of how one’s body should be working, and how to get the most benefit from the movement. Group sessions are enhanced because they become even more effective. Private sessions provide the perfect foundation for multi-layered approach to Pilates.
— LP, March 2017
My waistline has come back again ... my friends are all complaining that theirs has gone. And I feel that I have learned to move my body more efficiently and effectively.

This realisation has certainly made the movement more enjoyable .. so I can do more and pain-free! Thanks Kat.
— Anonymous, October 2016
One day I decided to purchase a 10 visit card for Beginners Pilates, and was pleasantly surprised. Not only has Pilates challenged certain parts of my body, I was instantly more aware of my posture.

Katarina is a fantastic instructor, and with the small class sizes, she gets right in and helps everyone with their movement and positioning.

I love Pilates because it is fun, challenging, rewarding, and encouraging.
— Deb, November 2015
I always thought of myself as being relatively strong and flexible. Just over a year ago I started joining Katarina’s Pilates classes about once a week. My first impression was: “this is too easy for me, not challenging enough!”. It took a few classes for me to realise that when doing the exercises correctly (!), they are not as easy as they seem. Done correctly and with control they are actually quite challenging and I always have the option to increase that challenge with slight variations.

I believe I have improved my balance, core strength and overall wellbeing by doing these exercises on a regular basis. I try to attend one class per week and exercise for about 30 minutes each on another two days in between classes. Financial issues aside, two to three classes per week would be my ideal. I would love to be able to take private lessons but Katarina’s small classes are the next best option for me. I have attended other classes with different instructors before and did not get the attention I feel I need.

Katarina is able to pay attention to everyone and will correct were necessary to make sure I get the benefit I want. I need those corrections to be able to feel how an exercise should be performed correctly so that I then can do it myself. Her bubbly personality makes the whole hour fun! That is something you will not get from a Pilates DVD.

I just came back from a holiday and have not done any Pilates for about six weeks. Returning to my first class, I was amazed how stiff and slack I felt. Only six weeks and my body felt sluggish. So the first class was interesting, trying to wake up all those muscles again. It was hard work during that first hour but even then I was not sore the next day. Never have been after a Pilates class. But something changes in the body: I have an increased awareness when and how I move and the muscles feel alive and ready to do some work!

I will definitely be back next week!
— Bianca, November 2015
Thanks, Kat for helping me work towards one of my (numerous) New Years resolutions! Feel much better about going to the gym, now that I know more about how my body works and how to prevent injuries. Kat is an amazing instructor and really catered to my visual learning style and provided great feedback throughout all the exercises.
— Beth, March 2019
Geraldton is very lucky to have a fantastic Pilates instructor who has helped me challenge myself and has taught me to become more confident with each movement in Pilates.

The care, knowledge and fun that you shared in each class is what I have loved about you Kat - since first joining Pilates.

Thank you for every Pilates class.
— Jane, February 2017
After deliberating for some time about making the decision to begin pilates, I can whole heartedly say that it has been an extremely positive and worthwhile experience.

It has without a doubt become one of the best investments for my health and wellbeing I have ever made.

My sessions with Katarina have been fun, informative and relaxed, and are producing results after only 6 weeks.

Because the exercises are individually geared towards my own capabilities and limitations, I have infinitely more awareness of what I need to do to achieve a well functioning,supple, strong and pain free body.

I’m so pleased I started now. At 52 years of age I feel very empowered and look forward to the coming decades armed with more knowledge and confidence.
— LP, December 2015
I have been doing Pilates with Katarina at Active Pilates for almost three years. Before this I had done Yoga regularly but never Pilates.

I find that Pilates has improved muscle strength in areas that you don’t usually focus on , particularly your core muscles, pelvic floor and spine, and assists with posture. It is never boring with so many different types of equipment that can be used.

I really respect Katarina’s knowledge and the care she takes to make sure everyone in the class is challenged but works safely at their level. I think anyone could benefit from and enjoy the challenge of Pilates, no matter if they had an injury, were generally unfit, or if they were already very active.
— Aasta, November 2015
I joined Kat’s Pilates classes four months ago. Pilates has helped me tone my body, and become more flexible while working in Kindergarten.

I thoroughly enjoy going to Pilates, it is hard, but Kat you are awesome, helping me become more confident with some of the exercises in Pilates.
— Jane, November 2015
My aim is to be able to perform all exercises with the same grace and control as the instructor. So, Katarina, you are going to see me for a while, I think.
— BB, January 2015
Katarina is a fantastic instructor who motivates and her programs make a real and positive physical difference.
— AA, January 2015
Oh Kat, how can I describe that feeling when I finally did an unassisted roll-up!!! The elation, the pride, and not a little shock! And you celebrated with me, you were so pleased for me! Fantastic to know my abdominals remembered their function after all these years, and it just gets better and better.

Wonderful classes, time and money very well spent.
— Ruth, April 2014