Why Active Pilates?

Active Pilates will help you develop your body, reduce your pain, correct your posture and restore your physical vitality. We will show you how you can transfer pain into well-being. In return, you'll become more flexible and able to face your daily challenges more calmly and confidently. We will give you personal attention -- even in our Group classes. Our classes are small (maximum of ten people) so, our qualified instructors will be able to focus on your individual needs and your limitations. we want to help you  get the best possible outcome from your body.

What our clients say about our classes? Read our Testimonials.

 What can you expect from our classes?

  • Quality rather than quantity (our Group classes are limited to ten people)

  • Building a stronger, more flexible body with the correct movement integration

  • Modified exercises, which are relevant to your individual situation

  • Fun and laughter while you are doing your workout. Getting fit should be fun!

When you visit us for the first time, we'll recommend that you undertake a Fitness Assessment to provide us with a clear understanding about your body’s physical capabilities and help us gauge your range of motion.  Active Pilates will then help you to open your body and mind to new possibilities with exercises suitable for your body. Our instructors will teach you how to release tension and improve the alignment of your head, neck and shoulders and promote confidence and health. 

 ‘Mens sana in corpore sano,’ - ‘A healthy mind will be found in a healthy body.

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