The Benefits of Using Pilates for Effective Pain Relief

Body conditioning is one of the most desired outcomes of consistent Pilates exercise. It not only gives you the benefits of a stronger and more toned physic, but it is also a very effective and natural form of pain relief for all ages and fitness levels.

Pilates is widely acknowledged as one of the most successful methods for alleviating chronic pain in the neck, back, shoulders and joints.  Pilates can assist with management of disorders such as scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, sciatica, nerve pain, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, arthritis, pelvic floor dysfunction and other movement disorders can all be treated through the strengthening and conditioning of Pilates training.

Pilates puts a great deal of emphasis on deep concentration, encouraging the body and the mind to work together. [1] Harnessing the power of the mind helps to promote increased awareness within your body. Being mindful and conscious of the principles of movement, neutral spine alignment, excessive tension points and posture helps you to use your body more efficiently and lessen pain in muscles and joints.

Photo by gilaxia/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by gilaxia/iStock / Getty Images


  1. Developing and conditioning the deeper muscles rather than the superficial muscles
  2. Strengthening and toning core muscles such as your abdominals, lower back hips and buttocks – our body’s foundations
  3. Stabilisation of your spine; improved coordination and balance
  4. Rehabilitation and prevention of strains and injuries (quite often caused by muscle imbalances)
  5. Lubrication of joints, allowing them to glide easily and decreasing wear and tear
  6. Lessening anxiety and boosting mood
  7. Increased lung capacity and circulation (deep and steady breathing) to detox the body of toxins
  8. Increased body awareness and concentration.

Remember, when it comes to chronic pain motion is lotion! [2] Being active is an essential element to treating chronic pain. Keeping active prevents anxiety, boosts your mood and helps your body to produce its own pain relieving ‘medication.’ And when your muscles are stronger you don’t fatigue as easily and have the foundations to support your body in a more mindful and focused way.     

My waistline has come back again... my friends are all complaining that theirs has gone. And I feel that I have learned to move my body more efficiently and effectively. This realisation has certainly made the movement more enjoyable .. so I can do more and pain-free! Thanks Kat. -
— Anonymous

If you are suffering from chronic pain, Pilates can provide natural and effective pain relief. We can teach you the principles of movement that will strengthen your core, boost your mood and focus your mind. Contact us to discuss how we can design an exercise regime to accommodate your unique needs.